Day-Dreaming versus Concentrated Thought

Americans prize the ability to concentrate. Our concerns about attention-deficits and the popularity of cafes and decaffeinated drinks attest to this value. What would you think of studies that suggest the opposite ability is vital as well?

According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, a number of studies indicate that unharnessed thought, such as day-dreaming, is linked to more creative thinking and formulation of new ideas. Some of the recent research was conducted by Dr. Holly White – then of the University of Memphis – and Priti Shah of the University of Michigan.

Interested in learning more about this fascinating subject? Read the article at: .

Also take a look at “ADD’s New Upside Is Creativity” in the Daily Beast. This article also explores Shah and White’s research of the connection between creativity and ADD/ADHD.


Brain Growth Games

Good morning post-storm survivors! Today’s blog is  brief but worthy.  I discovered a great website focused on brain development for people of all ages. The site helps you identify brain growth goals, such as quicker recall, improved spatial memory, and enhanced attention. It’s game -based so it’s fun. Finally, it allows you to track your growth

Here’s the catch – you only get three free games, then you must subscribe. Yes, it costs money, but as you will see, it is a worthy program.

Here’s the link: .

I recommend checking this site out even if you have no intention of subscribing.

Tune in next week to discover other noteworthy brain development websites that I am currently researching.