Family with Troubled Teen

This week’s blog is for teenagers in trouble with the law and for their parents. Perhaps your trouble started with skipping classes, or even whole days of school, perhaps you found yourself using drugs frequently, perhaps you liked to set things on fire or steal from stores, family and friends. Whatever led you into trouble probably also meant that your grades plummeted and you faced academic discipline of some sort, even suspension or expulsion.

There are a number of therapeutic, non-traditional programs that provide excellent help in these situations. The programs are called wilderness treatment schools.  Students heal self-esteem and develop self-confidence through wilderness therapy which includes wilderness education and completion of adventure-oriented challenges.

Although these programs tend to be pricey, they are very very effective. I know of three families who proclaim that their son or daughter made a radical turn-around as a result of a wilderness treatment school.

You can find a comprehensive list of programs across the country at .   The program I have heard most recent praise from is Second Nature .

Please write back to me to share your questions and  comments!

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